Katara and you may Toph’s dating is frequently thought of as a mature and you can younger cousin bond

Toph and you will Iroh came across each other once more later within Tu Zin in the event the a few took part having Aang, Sokka, Katara and Zuko during the cornering Azula. Iroh’s appeal is redirected regarding Azula when he seen Toph’s visibility along with her organization with Aang, Sokka and Katara. Capitalizing on their not enough work with their, Azula injured Iroh having a stream of flames in advance of effortlessly fleeing. Toph presented form of concern for her the friend, however, remaining your after Zuko violently demanded one she in addition to anyone else log off. [16]

When Iroh desired Aang, Sokka and Toph to have aid in protecting Zuko, Toph labeled him since an old buddy. [32]

Katara managed to brighten the woman up of the expressing the woman prefer to possess the fact she did not always worry about other’s view regarding this lady, wherein she was rewarded with a casual, and you may unintentionally terrifically boring, punch throughout the sleeve

Toph known back again to the lady interviewing Iroh so you’re able to assures Zuko about Iroh forgiving him. She mentioned that Iroh’s lingering mention Zuko was „kind of annoying“ however, „very nice“. [34] When Zuko pulled out Iroh’s stinky sandal so that June’s shirshu, Nyla, to find Iroh’s scent, she mentioned that Zuko’s keeping of Iroh’s stinky sandal is „particular sweet“, [35] it comes to this lady general understanding of Iroh and you will Zuko’s relationship that has been depending abreast of it first fulfilling.


Katara got shown higher sympathy for Toph more than the lady restricted lifetime around the lady mothers. Instance Aang and you will Sokka, Katara cheerfully invited Toph into their group. [8] At first, the two were within opportunity with one another, once Toph https://datingranking.net/de/trans-dating-de/ refused to assist establish the campground, stating she was carrying her very own weight. Toph, at the one point, called insultingly so you’re able to Katara as „Glucose King“. not, over time, they achieved most readily useful words with each other. [16] Later on, Katara attempted to assist Toph by offering this lady skills on how to coach Aang earthbending, no matter if Toph however forgotten the idea by important change between the head-for the attitude regarding earthbending in addition to redirection off waterbending. [22] At least, Toph appeared to esteem Katara since the the same, bender in order to bender. Throughout the Lorsque Wong Wasteland, Katara try alone whom stuck up for Toph whenever Aang attributed this lady getting not preserving Appa. [25]

After, Katara and you can Toph got makeovers together and also the always thinking-convinced Toph noticed down regarding the the lady manages a small grouping of arrogant people made rude comments on the her. She however sensed damage, even after she earthbent her or him towards a lake, and you will Katara waterbent him or her out. [36] Each of them obviously known both and you can appeared to be great family through this area.

The two was incompatible one minute go out whenever Toph implicated Katara of being overbearing and you may „motherly“. Katara said Toph is actually pretending like that on account of the woman mothers and since she try impact accountable regarding the powering out. So it produced Toph very aggravated. She performed, but not, admit during the a private conversation with Sokka, and that Katara known, one Katara’s motherly implies could well be an effective often. The two made-up whenever Toph admitted so you’re able to Katara the real reason she try so angry when Katara implicated her regarding acting-out is actually since the she is actually effect accountable on the the girl mothers, and thus exhibiting the point that Katara had been proper. [9]

Toph had nicknames getting Katara including „Glucose King“, [16] „Madame Fussy Britches“, [9] and you may „Sweetness“, [26] and therefore linked to Katara’s motherly characteristics and activities. She got made use of them to insult the girl whenever they were arguing. [16]